Solar Power Integration


Entertainment Systems

Integrated Systems

Reality Point
Mission Statement

Devise methods that enable -
- steadily removing hardwired
dependencies to
Become Some Thing Else


• [Case 1] Practical Solar, Inverter, Battery Function
• Affordable, System Design, Configuration, and Support

• [Case 2] Practical Cameras/Security Integration and Monitoring Function
• System Configuration, Connection, and Customized Support

• [Case 3] Fundamental or Complex Network, Computing, ♫ Media Functionality
• Cinematic Configuration, Multi-room, Conversion, Installation and Updating

•Engineering Systems Design/Retrofit (existing) Integration
•Essential Circuitry: Switching, Wiring, Monitoring, Modifying
•Process Controls: Continuous Improvement, Statistical Process Control
☼ Electrical/Mechanical - Automation, Power Source/Resource Integration
☼ BackUp and Supplemental Systems Integration/Management

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