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Reality Point
Mission Statement

Devise methods that enable -
- steadily removing hardwired
dependencies to
Become Some Thing Else

• Applied Scientific Research, Development,
Consultation and Implementation

• Applied Objective Practice (That's what people say!)

• Realitypoint Energy Systems-Technology Consultancy Delivering solutions
in energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed energy |Custom Configuration.
• Realitypoint Security Systems-Engineering Developing solutions
in Surveilllance efficiency, Networking, Entry/Exit/Intrusion and Comfort Control.
• Realitypoint Entertainment Systems Innovation : Designing solutions
in Networking, Automated Lighting, Media Centre and Cinema Style Recreation.

•Process - Continuous Improvement, Statistical Process Control
•Custom Interface : Computer Controlled Automation and Integration
•Custom Circuits: Switching, Monitoring, Modifying (existing)
•Custom Systems Design/Retrofit (existing system) Integration
•Custom End User Interface Specifications and Support

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