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Concept Of Truth

Anyone who has the concept of truth in this sense is in possession of a very useful concept indeed; in particular, anyone who has this concept is in a position to form generalizations that would otherwise require logical devices of infinite conjunction.


Awareness of the Activity of Thought.

Such an awareness would represent psychological proprioception and would enable the possibility of perceiving and correcting the unintended consequences of the thinking process.*leading to* -- Clairvoyance

Ponder this...

 "One’s awareness of awareness is another perception. One perception is 3-dimensional space. All the other perceptions seem to be impressed on this 3D space or not, if there was no quantity of that perception at that location to perceive. Time is always present. This is far, far too much information to possibly be recorded in a 3-pound brain or 150 pound body for that matter. The total of all these recorded pictures is the human mind. All the pictures you recorded, from birth to your present moment is called a time tract. All the information 24/7 is there, and possible to be recalled. Normally you would only access some very, very tiny portion of what is available. Your mind avoids pain, and pain occludes most of the information until that is handled"

Awareness of Awareness of Awareness  <- What happens when this occurs?


The Point of Existence

The Point of Existence describes the underlying spiritual basis for the common understanding of narcissism, which is the experience of a disturbance in the inner sense of self and the resulting need for constant reflection from the outside.This vulnerability in the inner experience of identity arises out of a basic separation from the essential presence which is the source of a true sense of self.


[Kinesthetic Synesthesia]

Imagine acquiring a (partial ) capability like this-- and using it to acquire more of the same capability and so on and so forth. (at some point there is completion ) or is there ?

Kinesthetic synesthesia is one of the rarest documented forms of synesthesia in the world.[38] This form of synesthesia is a combination of various different types of synesthesia. Features appear similar to auditory–tactile synesthesia but sensations are not isolated to individual numbers or letters but complex systems of relationships. The result is the ability to memorize and model complex relationships between numerous variables by feeling physical sensations around the kinesthetic movement of related variables. Reports include feeling sensations in the hands or feet, coupled with visualizations of shapes or objects when analyzing mathematical equations, physical systems, or music. In another case, a person described seeing interactions between physical shapes causing sensations in the feet when solving a math problem. Generally, those with this type of synesthesia can memorize and visualize complicated systems, and with a high degree of accuracy, predict the results of changes to the system. Examples include predicting the results of computer simulations in subjects such as quantum mechanics or fluid dynamics when results are not naturally intuitive.

Other forms of synesthesia have been reported, but little has been done to analyze them scientifically. There are at least 80 types of synesthesia.[38]

Ideasthesia is congruent with the theory of brain functioning known as practopoiesis. According to that theory, concepts are not an emergent property of highly developed, specialized neuronal networks in the brain, as is usually assumed; rather, concepts are proposed to be fundamental to the very adaptive principles by which living systems and the brain operate.

A study using magnetoencephalography has shown that the information on synesthetic colors is available in the brain signals only about 200 milliseconds after the stimulus, which is consistent with conceptual mediation. The study supports the idea that synesthesia is a semantic phenomenon—i.e., ideasthesia.



Details :

  • The Trek : How did I get Here?

  • The Theory of Everthing <- yes it's possible

  • The Mind- The Mind's eye - Conciousness - The Brain dualism, materialism, idealism.

  • Ethereal, Reality, Physicality (God)(Christ)(Religion)

I have solved all of these (And Unified/Correlated them)  (Now it's a matter of describing them)


Chronology: (The Trek)

Late 2019. atheism and The god problem.

   Although I had contact with a few "atheists" over the years, I just though it was a belief of becoming nothing when you die. On social media I began inquiring of those who wore the #atheist tag, and came to the conclusion that they just had no appreciation for the finer things like beauty, sacredness, and sanctity. (and it wasn't by choice) They would say "we can still live a good life" -- I was baffled and then noticed a genre or movement based in denigrating and discrediting religion, believers, and God.

* They would say "God does not exist" and this caused me to question my own beliefs about what God is.

* I decided I had to find out the *Truth* of the matter.

1. From Genesis, I determined that "God" was what people called the *whatever* was responsible for the Universe comining into existense. Be it The Big Bang or Light and Dark energy massing, combining and conflicting to form what we have today.

2. Algebraically, and empirically I was able to make the absolute assertion that for 3500 years, God (of the Bible) is what people called energy or the energy that sparked the universe into existence.

3. I tested my theory on social media.. no one could logically refute my assertion-- especially after walking through the algebraic steps of how I came to this conclusion, with people that might be curious about what God is.

4. Then came the Scientific arguments that might call in to question or surround my assertion with doubt. This was the longest and most tedious part of the search for the answers that might resolve the questioning or doubts that others would assert. But I knew I was absolutely right in my conclusion..

**for 3500 years, God (of the Bible) is what people called energy or the energy that sparked the Universe into existence.

And based in **that-- there could be no doubt that God exists (if even as a moniker or identifier) So, what does science, philosophy, supernatural and history, scientitists, philosophers, mathematicians (and other) have to say about it. You can see this is/was a huge endeavor as I could not go with just what one person or document said about it. Nor could I just go with the popular opinion of all those scientists and mathematicians and philosophers-- I needed to know beyond any doubt.

Then came the turning point- [Stephen Hawking]

Based in what I knew about him (spiritually, intellectually, and historically) - I determined that I could put great weight in whatever his take on the subject was.

In his final days he said "There is no god" <- BUT I knew better- Now what ?

  • He knew what he was saying.
  • Why would he he say that?
  • What's the method to his madness?
  • What's he talking about?
  • How could this be True?

It has to be:

  1. A specific location
  2. A specific circumstance
  3. A Reason
  4. The Reasoning

I was able to deduce from that that it boils down to:

  1. Reason
  2. Reason
  3. Reason
  4. Reason

I determined that what he was really saying was:

 "There Is No Reason"

I was able to deduce from that:

  1. "god" is interchangeable with Reason.
  2. Where there is no Reason there is no god.
  3. Where there is no god there is no Reason.
  4. Where there is no god there is no sense of Reason.
  5. Where there is no god there is no Rationality.
  6. Where there is no god there is nothing real.
All True ! [All (6)]

"god" is interchangeable with Reason.

Where Reason is--

  • 1. What it is (The Reason) (The Description) (The meaning) > >
  • 2. How it works (Logically)
  • 3. How to do it. (Reasoning) (Experience it)

5. Then I went through several months trying to find a reason that this is not true.  The process caused me to experience "elevated thought" (for extended periods on and off) There is no doubt that is what I experienced.  ( no sense of time, No sense of sound, sight, hunger, thirst, hot, cold, memory, logic or emotion )

It was nothing but "reason in reason about reason"

I have yet to find a reason why it's not true- other than "The inherent need to experience my physical presence" <- and all that does is put the process of reason on hold.

6. Then came the Physics arguments that might call in to question or surround my assertion about "reason" with doubt.

  • It can't be done-- any physics argument only confirms my assertion/reasoning.


The Concept of Reason

1. What it is (The Reason) (The Description) (The meaning) >

2. How it works (Logically)

3. How to do it. (Reasoning) (Experience it)



The Theory of EveryThing ---

When I first stumbled into Reason, I had no idea it would lead me into the possiblity of knowing everything.
It turns out you don't have to know everything to know everything- You only have to know *How*

When we learn *How to combine all the parallel/partial theories and concepts into a unified theory of everything-
it will be the ultimate triumph of human reason.

Knowing analytics and science is at the core but it's not necessary if your logic is perfect. 

  • Concept of Reason
    Concept of Truth
    Concept of Infinity
    Concept of Logic
    Concept of Reality
    Concept of Time 
    Concept of Dimensional Space.
    Concept of Mind.

First - I admit I don't know what I'm doing- (I am clumsy as heck-fire)

But I do know *How* I am doing it.

How do I know that I know?

  1. When I first stepped into *reason* and out - A switch clicked- A light turned on. I learned that everything can be concepualized as a system and learned how to recognize the signal or flag that indicates *Grasp of Concept*. And as it turns out This "Grasp" is all you need- the details, calculations, methods, and properties can always be reacquired if needed.[Concept Of Reason ]
  2. As confirmation or conviction of the "Grasp" - All aspects are validated with "Truth in Reason". That means it's 1000% perfect knowledge, absent of any doubt or unknowns.-- ¹ Start with a foundation based in Truth, and never let any doubt or unknowns into the mix-- results in absolute truth that is just as (if not more) solid than the foundation it's built on. Absolute Truth cannot ever be overridden by any stronger reason. [Concept of Truth ]
  3. There many terms that can be used to describe the steps involved -- the fact is "All the steps, relationships, deductions and derivations have to be performed ² Simultaneously" <- this is why it cannot be performed in computer simulation or on paper- as each factor is in itself a computer (as opposed to a computation)
  4. Another way to describe the process is every *factor renders a pattern that's tranposed, transduced, transparently on and with all the other factors. which results in an ³ *Apparent Pattern * <- revealing Truth. That is-->(one image that shows the entire system) 
  5. At this point-- it's only a matter of comparing, describing, and matching the patterns into a unified, comprehensive description. (Using Reason)
  6. Absolute Truth


As an Example:

This illustrates many of the factors, patterns, symbols, and concepts of the theory of everything.

But it's broken down into 1000's of components of detail. (for understanding) <- the foundation.

In order for this to be Truly useful - all the patterns and concepts have to be unified along with the Concept of Reason and the Concept of Truth-- into 1 (one) pattern or concept.

Impossible ? you say ?

The Universe does it and our *minds* have unlimited access to the *Universe <- which also is unlimited.

Now What ?


 [How any Why ]

Where to start is the fundamental question-- I will attempt to show how "everthing" can be described-

[The Core Object]

The core object is defined as:

*Concept of Infinity*
*Concept of Dimensional Space* 
(X, Y, Z, Time, Thought, Truth)
*Theory of Everything*



  [The Core Object]

± <- That right there is how I choose to represent the core object for purposes of brevity and description.

What Is: ±

  1. Charge.
  2. Reason.
  3. Objective.


1. Charge is

a. (+ or - / + and - / none) (either, both or neither)
b. Direction, Attraction, Mean
c. Objective (Awareness, Purpose, Goal)

  ☆ At this point --In order to continue describing -> ± <-

   We have to conceptulize ± as (a, b, c) *All At Once*.

  ☆ This is why ± cannot be modeled or simulated or described mathematically. (ALL AT ONCE)

As a system ± can be thought of as methods, states and properties of (it's own type).

In other words -  ± is an infinite object (of /in/around ) infinite objects <- that each know about itself, it's parent, and all other objects of the same type.

  ☆ Merely attempting to model this ± system would result in *instant overload, overflow, and infinite conjunction.

  ☆ But I'm going to do it-- even if it kills me.


2. Reason is

a. A Charge
b. The Charges
c. The mean (or meaning)


3. Objective is

a. A Reason
b. The Reasons
c. The mean (or meaning)


How does ± Work :

1 ± You're Alive (it's there)
2 ± You're Moving (active)
3 ± You're Sensing (detection)
4 ± You're Experiencing (reason) 
5 ± You're Thinking (processing)
6 ± You're Knowing (realizing)
7 ± You're Aware (All The Rest)
8 ± Is the Combining of 1..7
9 ± Is the Container of 8


How To Experience ± : 

  1. 0
  2. Do Charge.
  3. Do Reason.
  4. Do Objective.


[The Mind] The Brain, Consciousness, Dualism, Materialism.

“How does the mind's eye work?”

The way I understand the mind’s eye is that what is being seen are energy pictures. These energy pictures contain electrical energy and mass that can also be detected on meters.

Your Æ wareness is what is viewing the pictures.

For some people the "Minds Eye" (aka whiteboard) is a three dimensional space and we can ‘observe’ relations of objects in it, and thus reason about spatial things. This an acquired, learned ability.

What about the other dimensions ? (realms)


Æ- wareness

[Life Flux ]

If the electric field is uniform, the electric flux E ) passing through a surface of vector area S is: φE = E·S = EScosθ,where E is the magnitude of the electric field (having units of V/m), S is the area of the surface, and θ is the angle between the electric field lines and the normal (perpendicular) to S.

The ¹mind is ¹Electromagnetic *Activity* <- which cannot ever be duplicated in the context of infinity.

²Neurons are ²Electrical transducers.

  1. ƹ
  2. Ʋ 
  3. ³Æ ± Ƴ
  4. ¹ Electromagnetic ³Activity* <± > ² Electrical *Activity³ 


These are not same but they do Affect/Effect each other.

  • Electromagnetic *Activity* ± Electrical Activity 
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The Mind <- Æon Flux ->The Brain
  • The Charge <- Æon Flux -> The Clouds
  • The Lightning <- Æon Flux -> The Ground


Dimensions Of the Mind, Space, and Reality

  • 1 = true  (Unit) (Subject)
    2 = 1 and 0 (1  XOR  0) Binary (2d)
    3 = Tri-state  Triune (3d) Trinity
    4 = True (Quad) (Rectify) (Time) Information (4d)
    5 = Thought - Reason  (Question-Reason-Answer ) (Quint/Pent) (5d)
    6 = Truth (Hex) (Objective) (6d)
    7 = Absolute (1000) K
    8 = Intersection (Combine 1..7) In Infinity
    9 = Container for 8 (Cube) 
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F

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