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Devise methods that enable -
- steadily removing hardwired
dependencies to
Become Some Thing Else

►► Reason For Being ◄◄
►► Reasonable Living Working and Playing Methodology ◄◄

♦ Our Product is "Added Value"
♦ Our Method is "Adding Function"
♦ The Means is "Innovation"
♦ The Result is "Optimal Utilization"

Consider This :
The Sun Beats down on your roof adding heat/energy to Your Facility.
We use electricity to Cool the air and condition our living/working space.

The Same Solar Energy that
causes your Increased Electricity Usage
Can be used to Reduce or even eliminate Power Company Electricity Usage

-- Solar Panels on the Roof

1. Added layer of (Roof) Insulation.
2. Energy Redirected to Supply Power to Air Handlers/Coolers.
3. Backup Source In Case of Power Grid Failure/Surge/Glitch.
4. Uninterupted Power Conditioning to Protect/Sustain Critical Electronics
    and refrigeration equipment.

- Added Value, Function, Innovation - Utilization

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