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Reality Point
Mission Statement

Devise methods that enable -
- steadily removing hardwired
dependencies to
Become Some Thing Else

▬ Designing Practical Efficient Working Environments ▬

- Home/Office/Farm/Factory Automation : Energy and Resource Utilization

Enhance Your Environment, Efficiency and Faculty..
It Is What we do at Realitypoint Technologies..
You Specify your criteria for improvement or Ideas
And we’ll make it work.. And show you how we did it..
So you can use your talents and creative mind with technology
To become something else..
And we won’t charge a cent.

We can use whatever tools you want..
To Make it work as designed and make the best use of resources.

• Systems Transduction ♦ Analysis ♦ (Engineering)
• Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense
• Working in a well-organized and competent way
• Preventing the wasteful use of a particular resource

• Custom Systems Design/Retrofit (existing system) Integration
• Power Users Interfaces: Computer Controlled Automation and Integration
• Custom User Interface Controls ♦ Specifications and Support
• Process - Continuous Improvement ♦ Statistical Process Control

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