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Reality Point
Mission Statement

Devise methods that enable -
- steadily removing hardwired
dependencies to
Become Some Thing Else

• Practical Technological and Industrial Automation
• Custom Energy Systems Design/Retrofit (existing system) Integration

• Practical Costs Intial (Mission Critical) Base Setup

Solar Setup (500 Watts) [Expandable]
$300 Energy Sources (Panels)
$300 Energy Storage (Battery)
$500 Controllers/Computer (Inverter)

As a Practical Example -

- Sufficient to provide for continuous indoor and outdoor lighting
For a 1500 sq.ft. 3 bedroom home and/or as a backup for refrigerators and freezers
-Or- as a Power supply for a "Zone" or water well pump or a small workshop
System can be Configured to backup, supplement or replace incoming Line/Grid Electricity
Or any combination there of.. and manually or automatically changed
at any time based on demand or availability

Add On ->
$500 Backup Generator (Fuel)
$300 Switching/Interface Devices

Advanced Functionality
$500 Custom Software/Configuration
• Process Controls: Continuous Improvement ↔ Statistical Process Control

• Systems Analysis / Evaluation / Design (Engineering)

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