The Book of RealityPoint


First- I am not an author- in fact words are my biggest stubbling block.

With that said - You may notice clips and descriptions that obviously weren't written by me (along with disorganization and seemingly random thoughts.

Finally - You will get nothing but Truth from me. <- How that's possible- is what this whole thing is about.


Details : 400 years into the future of  [H-L R E]

·       Trixi (more about)  <- you want to know more.

Cast and Crew : Trixi-Quintza-Delphi and 3 others

Math (numbers) - The Universal language

Code - The language of Computing >

French - The language of Love

German - The language of Science

Greek - The language of Philosophy

American English - The language of Rock n Roll

Hyper-Logical Reverse Engineering ---

If you want I can show you a short-cut to absolute Truth.

Knowing analytics and science is at the core but it's not necessary if your logic is strong.


I found this is a good place to start.

The Object -> "Reason"

Plug any object into it - get an accurate conclusion.

1. What it is ( The Reason)

2. How it works (Logically)

3. How to do it. (Reasoning)

Simplistically- When all 3 objectives all match up - you win.


The Progression

- Concept of Reason

- Concept of Truth

- Awareness of the Activity of Thought.

  Some references I found useful--

Concept of Knowledge->



The thing about this is

1. What it is ( The Reason)

2. How it works (Logically)

3. How to do it. (Reasoning)

If you have a word for it- you already know all three. You get 3 true answers.

Drawing the conclusion <- is done in *Reason* / Translating into words <- that's the magic.


  The difference--

1. Knowing "How" vs Knowing of or about.  If you know *how* you get the others automatically and you get Truth.


One thing I discovered--

Words <- can mess with the process- Save that part for the conclusion.

  Use identifiers- (place holders) when doing reason/logic ->>basic algebra.

(Cardinal Rule)

When you encounter *doubt, unknowns, undefined* things - you move on-

They have no value - if you're looking for Truth.



I know how Intelligence works and how to do it.

I can  pretty much find the differences and reasons why AI can never match up with Human Intelligence.

1. AI <- has finite inputs

2. Human Intelligence has unlimited (infinite) inputs.

How do I know?

The main difference is-- Neurons are electrical transducers. (AI)

The mind is electromagnetic *activity* <- which cannot ever be duplicated in the context of infinity.


You/AI can have as many thoughts as you want-

But You/AI can only have them one at a time.


The *Reason*  I know It works this way-

I have Conceptualized (reasoned through)

1. Infinity


2. Time

I know how they work.


I know how to do them.


It (grasping) doesn't happen overnight.

then again

Maybe it does (Time) <- how does it work?


55+ yrs thoroughly immersed in technology.

40+ yrs Systems Engineering in practice and trade.

Dec 2020 - got inspired by one thing Stephen Hawking said.

Feb 2021 - decided it was important to know the absolute truth.

Got trapped inside *Reason* for about 3 months.

we're here


All the gifts of life are right between your ears.

If you can logically understand what I'm saying then you do have what it takes.

Go Find Out! <- that's the turning point.


(I don't expect you to believe me)

Here's the warning--

My Mind will not let me lie-

I cannot do doubt.

I can joke and laugh-

But I see truth and reason in pain and emotion-- and somehow I automatically reason my way out of those things.

Impossible ?

In this Universe ?


[This explains it better than I can]

Awareness of the activity of thought.

"Such an awareness would represent psychological proprioception and would enable the possibility of perceiving and correcting the unintended consequences of the thinking process."

This awareness happens in the background- In other words I am not consciously aware that I am aware of the details.

I've noticed over the past 5 months my vision is clearer and colors are 10x more brilliant and refined.

That happens in the background too.







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